10 Reasons Amazon is Great for Book Lovers


Amazon started as an online bookseller, but is now the world’s largest online retailer and they offer far more than just books to their customers. As a book lover, and later an author, I’ve been a fan of Amazon from almost the beginning. But it’s become so much more than a place to buy books. Book lovers can visit Amazon to get all kinds of things accomplished – things they might otherwise dread.

10 Reasons Amazon Is Amazing

  1. Find just about any book you could ever want. Without leaving your cozy reading nook, you can complete a quick search to find that next great novel. From hard copies to old collectibles to eBooks – they’ve got it all. You can certainly find all of my books there (another reason to love Amazon, of course). In fact, my latest, Chasing the Dead, is on sale at Amazon.com for a steal. Snap up your copy before the sale ends!
  2. Find anything you could ever want. From DVDs to CDs to robot vacuum cleaners to faux fur coats to car parts and more (did I mention books?), Amazon has it at the ready.
  3. Order anything whenever you like. Just click a few buttons and you’re done. You’ve got what you want when you want it. It makes any shopping almost effortless not to mention the stress relief the amazing Amazon offers at holiday shopping time. I wish everything in my everyday was that simple.
  4. The naysayers said it would fail, but they were wrong. Who doesn’t love to see the success of someone or something that most everyone wrote off as predestined to fail? It started out like a whisper, but soon became a roar that continues to impress.
  5. The A in Amazon could stand for author – as in author’s best buddy. Just about any author, including me, will tell you that regardless of where else you sell your books, Amazon is an absolute must. Their support for authors is unprecedented and the platform is peerless.
  6. The Amazon price watch feature. If you purchase a book via pre-order, and the price happens to drop before the book (or anything else, really) ships, they will automatically give you the discounted price. A friend of mine pre-ordered Veronica Roth’s Allegiant and by the time it shipped to her, it was $1.00 less than when she bought it. They gave it to her for the lower price – automatically. That’s Amazon-azing!
  7. Reviews and ratings. Most of the reviews (although sometimes brutal) and ratings are actually very helpful. The more ratings and reviews a product has, the easier it is to make an informed choice about your purchase.
  8. Technologically cutting edge. They brought us the various Kindles and continue to improve not only the popular eReaders, but also their platform and customer experience.
  9. It’s the gold standard of online shopping. Amazon has become the gold standard for online shopping. When you shop online anywhere else, I wager you measure the experience against the Amazon standard – either consciously or unconsciously.
  10. Incredible customer service. The customer service associates are courteous, informed, and they take action to resolve problems right away. This makes me as a customer and an author feel valued and respected. All their products and services are guaranteed (even for used products) and they stand behind it!

Why do you love Amazon? Share your stories and reasons with me.


photo: intomobile [dot] com