Crime fiction short stories for holiday reading


Happy Thanksgiving! The holiday season has officially begun, and while all the parties and family gatherings are fun, you may find yourself with little time to read your favorite crime fiction novel. After all, it’s hard to get wrapped up in a suspense thriller waiting in line at the mall. Instead, put that riveting mystery novel on hold and get your fix with one of these great crime fiction short stories. Made to be read quickly, you can easily fit one in while you’re waiting for the turkey to “pop” or the kids are waiting for Santa to deliver his goodies.

Fans of the bestselling O’Hare and Fox series by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg are in luck this holiday season. To coincide with the newest book in the bestselling O’Hare and Fox series, The Job, the duo also released the crime fiction quickie “The Shell Game” on November 18th. This original ebook short story tells the backstory of how FBI Agent Kate O’Hare and master criminal Nicolas Fox first met. Readers can also check out “Pros and Cons,” the crime fiction short story prequel to Goldberg and Evanovich’s first series novel, The Heist.

If you’re looking for a little true crime, Patricia Cornwell delivers with her exclusive Kindle Single, “Chasing the Ripper.” Twelve years ago, Cornwell publisher her book Portrait of a Killer documenting the real life investigation that led her to identify the real Jack the Ripper. Over the last decade, Cornwell has continued her research and shares new evidence, along with new information about the killer and his motives in this compelling quick crime fiction read.

Of course, you can also snag a free copy of “Fire in the Sky” delivered right to your inbox just by signing up for the newsletter. Set in depression-era Kansas City, this short story follows two teenagers out looking for love – but instead find their lives changed forever when they witness a terrible event. A crime fiction short story filled with love and betrayal, crime and justice, friendship and family, it may be the perfect escape from your own family drama this holiday season!

There are plenty of other crime fiction short stories to be found on Barnes and Noble or Amazon to help you sneak in a little mystery reading over the holidays. Who knows – you may even get to check one out on the new Kindle, iPad or eReader that Santa leaves under you tree! Happy Holidays – and happy reading!