Why you should visit your local library


It wasn’t long ago that the public library was a book lover’s paradise – but thanks to eBooks and online bookstores, many readers haven’t been to the library in years. If you’re one of them, you may be missing out on opportunities that could enhance your crime fiction experience. From fun events to awesome resources, here are five reasons to visit your local library.

Check out exciting exhibitions. Last year, the British Library hosted a renowned exhibition called Murder in the Library: An A-Z of Crime Fiction that charted the history of detective fiction and featured classic manuscripts and other materials. The displays may be on a smaller scale, but when you visit your local library, you could see rare first editions of classic crime noir books, mystery memorabilia, fun photographs and more.

Meet your favorite author. Many public libraries frequently host author readings, particularly with authors who are from the area. Check the calendar of events and visit your local library for the opportunity to meet your favorite thriller writer or hear a hometown mystery novelist talk about their books. Some writers even read excerpts or host discussions on crime fiction.

Discover new books. A visit to your local library is a great way to discover new crime fiction titles or mystery authors to read. Walk through the aisles and browse the shelves to find a Lou Mason novel that catches your eyes – or pick up a book you’ve heard about but never read. You can also talk with your local librarian, who may be able to recommend new titles or authors based on what you enjoy. Many libraries now loan eBooks that you can “check out” just like hard copies – and some even allow patrons to borrow to e-Readers, too!

Expand your social circle. Your local public library is a great place to meet fellow thriller readers and talk about books. Libraries often host discussion groups or book clubs, and you can join a group devoted to crime fiction. You may also be able to attend a class or a writing workshop when you visit your local library – letting you bond with fellow mystery lovers as you learn more about the genre.

Maximize your resources. Of course, your local library has books – but there are also a whole range of other resources at your disposal. Learn about the newest crime fiction titles by browsing a copy of Mystery Scene or Suspense Magazine, or use the free internet at your local library to research thriller authors or crime fiction trends. Check out your public library’s website for even more resources you can use at home.

There are so many great reasons to plan a visit to your local library! Stop by yours discover what you’ve been missing!