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Finding the Perfect Title for Your Mystery Novel

  If you think writing your mystery novel is hard, just wait until you try to come up with the perfect title for your mystery novel! The devil is in the details – and coming up with those brief few words to grace the cover of your book can be a painstaking process. money 4… Continue Reading Finding the Perfect Title for Your Mystery Novel »

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Best Scandinavian Crime Novels

  Thanks to bestselling thrillers like Peter Hoag’s Smila’s Sense of Snow and Stieg Larsson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, fans of the mystery genre are no stranger to Scandinavian crime fiction. While the Land of the Midnight Sun has no shortage of literary stars, these are some of the Scandi Crime authors you… Continue Reading Best Scandinavian Crime Novels »

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How to Choose a Great Book Title

Consumers look at a number of things when deciding whether to buy an ebook: they look at the book title, the cover graphics, price, and genre. But which element is most important at first glance? A strong book title represents one of the most significant components in the marketing mix for your new novel.

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