The Prosecution Rests

The Prosecution Rests by Mystery Writer of America

The Prosecution Rests is an exciting anthology containing Joel Goldman’s short story, Knife Fight, about Public Defender Elizabeth Rosenthal, defending a man on trial for his life for slicing up poor Diego Hernandez like a Christmas turkey in a drug deal gone wrong.

The Prosecution Rests – Contains 22 short stories

The Secret Session by Edward D. Hoch
Designer Justice by Phyllis Cohen
Follow Up by Jo Dereske
By Hook or By Crook by Charlie Drees
The Letter by Eileen Dunbaugh
Spectral Evidence by Kate Gallison
Knife Fight by Joel Goldman
Death Cheated by James Grippando
My Brother’s Keeper by Daniel J.Hale
The Flashlight Game by Diana Hansen-Young
Mom is My Co-Counsell by Paul Levine
Quality of Mercy by Leigh Lundin
The Mother by Michele Martinez
Red Dog by Anita Page
A Clerk’s Life by Anita Page
Time Will Tell by Twist Phelan
The Evil We Do by John Walter Putre
Night Court by S.J.Rozan
Hard Blows by Morley Swingle
Custom Sets by Joseph Wallace
Bang by Angela Zeman
Going Under by Linda Fairstein


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