Best Selling Crime Thrillers by Joel Goldman

Your search for thrilling crime novels full of twists, turns, and blood-curdling suspense is over. You’ve found the digital bookshelf featuring my best selling thrillers.

Alex Stone Thriller Series

My newest legal thriller series features, Public Defender Alex Stone. She’s brilliant and driven, constantly struggling with the moral dilemmas inherent in defending the worst of the worst. I introduced Alex in Knife Fight, a short story that first appeared in 2009 in the Prosecution Rests, an anthology from Mystery Writers of America. I loved her character so much that I decided she deserved her own crime thriller series. I kicked off her series in 2012 with Stone Cold. Alex puts her career on the line as she decides how far she’ll go to protect someone she loves from a cold-blooded murderer. Is it ever ok to cross the line?

How far would you go to protect those you love?

Chasing The Dead  |  Knife Fight  |  Stone Cold

Lou Mason Thriller Series

The brilliant, sexy, and sometimes reckless trial lawyer, Lou Mason, never hesitates to dive into the dark water to save his client – or himself.. Fast with a wisecrack and ready to throw a punch, Mason takes on all comers whether it’s the mob or the system and he won’t stop until justice is done. Take a thrill ride inside and outside the courtroom with Lou Mason.

Motion to Kill | The Last Witness | Cold TruthDeadlocked | Final Judgment

You can also get the first four books in the series in one digital boxed set:

Dead Times Four

Jack Davis Thriller Series

Jack Davis is a well-respected FBI Agent, dedicated to busting criminals and putting them away until the FBI kicks him to the curb because of a rare movement disorder that makes him shake when he should shoot. But Jack doesn’t need a badge to do what he was meant to do. All he needs is someone who needs his help. If you read my personal story on my About page, you know that Jack and I have the same movement disorder. Join Jack’s world and find out how he takes down the bad guys even when they see him shake.

Shakedown | The Dead Man | No Way Out

Dive deep into Jack’s dangerous and deadly world by getting all three books in one digital boxed set:

Triple Threat

First Blood

Interested in all three of my crime thriller series, but don’t know which one to start with? First Blood gives you the first book in each of my three riveting thriller series.

First Blood

My Stand Alone Crime Novels and Other Works

The Dead Man Series

Freaks Must Die

Freaks Must Die begins with Matt Cahill intervening in a robbery…or is it? Matt ends up botching a ransom exchange for a kidnapped boy, then things just get worse from there…much worse.

Freaks Must Die