Crack. Rock. Crystal. Dead faces standing on street corners, selling drugs to the hopeless — the forgotten – losing their souls in the bargain

The war isn’t overseas. It isn’t south of the border. It’s in Everytown, USA. FBI Agent Jack Davis is neck deep in a dark urban war and it’s not some pansy-ass X-Box Modern Warfare fantasy. He’s caught in the crossfire of a war that rages on in the bleak and brutal streets.

And Jack is fighting another war; this one inside his body as a mysterious disorder makes him shake when he should shoot.

Jack’s latest case sends him on a dark journey steeped in the stench of death and endangering his daughter. Critical information is leaking — no — pouring out of the case. He can’t trust anyone as betrayal buries the truth in a deadly web of deception.

Addicted to thrill? Get your thrill on with Shakedown!

Go with Jack Davis and his colleagues as they relentlessly track an unlikely killer…or is it two?

Get your copy of Shakedown today and invite Jack Davis to bed — or the pool, or the coffee shop — anywhere you like to read intense suspense.

In Shakedown, I introduce the brilliant and enigmatic Special Agent Jack Davis. Davis suffers from the same rare movement disorder that I have <link to about page>, giving him character a uniquely authentic true-to-life quality.

James Patterson crime thriller fan? Take off on a rocket-fueled suspense ride with Shakedown, the first book in my Jack Davis Thriller Series.

Then, once you catch your breath, grab the other two books in the series, The Dead Man and No Way Out and buckle up for a roller coaster ride of suspense and shocking twists.



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