Triple Threat

Joel Goldman’s Jack Davis series

Author of thrillers you’ll never forget!

If you enjoy the excitement of James Patterson’s novels and love Harlan Coben’s suspense-filled plots you’ll love Triple Threat. Introducing all three Jack Davis thrillers in one ebook, a fine crime fiction collection by one of the best authors of thrillers in the US!

Shakedown – FBI Agent Jack Davis is investigating mass murder. But his disintegrating personal life throws him into a horrific situation where truth and betrayal meet head on.

The Dead Man – The subjects in a study of the human brain start to die in exactly the same way they’ve dreamed. And Davis crosses paths with a serial killer’s terrifying rage.

No Way Out – Jack follows pretty accountant Roni Chase into a lethal web of deceit. Time is the only thing that can save them, and it’s running out… fast!

Reading just one of the Jack Davis thriller series will leave you wanting more. Triple Threat provides all three books in one volume that you will not be able to put down.

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