Cold Truth

If it bleeds, it leads and Gina Davenport’s death did more than that

A news crew looking for a story on a slow day got more than they bargained for when the cameraman captured Gina Davenport’s live death dive from from an eighth story window. She tumbled through shattered glass that fell like rain, crashing onto the concrete, a crimson pool of blood spreading out from her mangled body as the camera rolled.

Was it suicide, or cold-blooded murder?

Attorney Lou Mason had no doubt it was murder. Suicides jump out of open windows. Murderer victims break the glass. He couldn’t keep his mind off Gina Davenport’s murder. How could he? When an enigmatic young woman turns herself in, claiming she murdered Davenport, Mason takes the case. But something about her story just doesn’t add up. Trying to crack the case, Mason dives deep into a black market underworld  — one run on drugs and dirty money where truth comes at the highest possible price – life.

The third book in my Lou Mason Thriller Series, Cold Truth, delivers riveting, page-turning twists and turns in the tradition of crime author James Patterson.

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