Dead Times Four

Thriller writers to remember!

If you enjoy the best-selling thriller writers James Patterson, Lee Child and John Grisham, you’ll appreciate the fast-paced Dead Times Four, one ebook containing all four Lou Mason thrillers. Pick up a copy of Dead Times Four and prepare for a marathon session packed with excitement and suspense.


Motion to Kill – Introducing trial lawyer Lou Mason in his quest to catch the killer of two of his partners, the action-packed first book in Goldman’s Lou Mason thriller series.

The Last Witness – Lou Mason is back, and chaos reigns as he unwittingly reveals a series of dark secrets that a killer will do anything to keep from him

The Cold Truth – Lou Mason doesn’t believe Roni is guilty of the murder she confesses to. It’s a deadly game of catch-a-serial-killer, un-missable and unforgettable.

Deadlocked – Lou Mason is taken on to prove a death row convict’s innocence, only to find the past and present colliding in a terrifying tale of deceit, corruption and murder.

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