Only two kinds of people know the exact date and time they’ll die – suicides and death row inmates

Ryan Kowalczyk has spent the last 15 years on death row. Like every other death row inmate, he clung steadfastly to his claim of innocence. Accused of brutally beating two young parents to death with a baseball bat, while their 3 year-old child slept under a blanket in the back seat of the car, no one felt sorry for Kowalczyk, especially Detective Harry Ryman who arrested Ryan for the crime.

After Ryan is executed, his mother, Mary, hires Mason to prove her dead son’s innocence and build a case against the man she believes is the actual murderer; her son’s best friend. As Mason delves deeper into the case, he journeys further into dangerous and a dark world rife with fear, deceit, corruption and murder.

If you enjoy the riveting legal thrillers of Scott Turow and the nerve-wracking suspense of Catherine Coulter, you’ll love Deadlocked, the fourth in my action-packed Lou Mason Thriller Series.

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