Final Judgment

A shtikel mazel iz vert merer vi a ton gold – a Yiddish proverb that means “a little bit of luck is better than a ton of gold”. But when you find a dead man wrapped in plastic in the trunk of you Cadillac, you need more than a little luck. Much more

Avery Fish is charged with mail fraud, but he didn’t commit murder. In fact, he has absolutely no clue how a decapitated, plastic wrapped body ended up in the trunk of his caddy. Sexy, brilliant attorney Lou Mason has known Fish for years. Hell, they went to the same synagogue. Fish may be a gonif, a Yiddish term meaning thief, but he was no murderer.

The victim, already looking like an extra in a bad zombie movie, is identified as a defendant in a sexually charged lawsuit. Mason has to team up with a sharply intelligent federal agent from his past – a stunner with a hidden agenda who may be playing some serious head games of her own.

Final Judgment delivers Mason at his wise-cracking, brilliant best.

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This action-packed story will consume your imagination and keep you riveted with white-knuckle intensity right to the shocking end. In this fifth Lou Mason Thriller novel, I crafted a serious tale of murder, fraud, betrayal, and, yes, sexually charged prose.

If you like to romp through the pages of authors like Turow, Kellerman, Fairstein, and Childs, you won’t want to miss Final Judgment.

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