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Crime Fiction Sidekicks

  Sherlock Holmes had Watson. Poirot had Captain Hastings. The crime fiction sidekick is an integral character in many of the most popular mystery series – and for good reason. Sidekicks help move the story along and serve as surrogates for readers – asking the same questions we’re wondering and offering our own theories and… Continue Reading Crime Fiction Sidekicks »

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The Crime Fiction Murder Weapon

  When you read a good thriller, you’re probably trying to figure out whodunit right along with the detective or private eye. But are you overlooking one of the major clues? The way a victim is killed can tell you a lot about the person doing the killing. Find out what the crime fiction murder… Continue Reading The Crime Fiction Murder Weapon »

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Crime Investigations with Social Media – Fuzzy Legal Lines

As a best selling crime author, I try to keep up with trends in law enforcement. Whether I make use of these trends in my crime novels or not isn’t important. But it is important that I know about them and understand them. Increasingly, law enforcement officers are using social media for their crime investigations…. Continue Reading Crime Investigations with Social Media – Fuzzy Legal Lines »

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