Top 10 Reasons to Read Crime Novels and Thrillers

read crime novels Why read crime novels and thrillers? Personally, I think everyone should always be reading something, regardless of genre. Since I write best selling crime novels, I recommend those for your top shelf choices [tips hat]. I’ve put together the top 10 reasons to read books, but especially crime novels:

  1. Crime novels and thriller books make for great backup entertainment if your cable or Internet goes out. You never know when someone might sever the cable or DSL line in your community when trying to dig a shallow grave for a murder victim. Be prepared with a great book.
  2. You don’t have to worry about switching your book to “airplane mode” or turning it off when preparing for takeoff or landing. Who knows what kind of espionage tools other passengers have in their smartphones? Better to go old-school and tote a great book with you like Stone Cold or Deadlocked.
  3. When reading, you’re never really alone, are you? Don’t forget to check the doors and windows. And remember what happens to all those good girls who go out in skimpy nightgowns to “check out the strange noise in the night”… best just read a suspense novel. Remember, when wielded properly, a hardback can knock out an intruder in one fell thwack!
  4. It’s one of the greenest activities you can participate in! Kindles and other eReaders use very little energy and have a miniscule carbon footprint. Traditional books represent the gold standard of recyclable, reusable materials – when you’re finished, just lend it to a friend so he or she can get a thrill on too.
  5. You won’t ever hear, “We’ll be right back after a word from our sponsors.” While your dog, cat, or kid might interrupt your reading orgy, those annoying commercials won’t interrupt you. Goosebumps, or a chill up your spine, perhaps; but no inane jingles.
  6. The suspense is killing you! Reading suspense novels can become addictive and you will not – cannot — put the book down. These clever story lines will amaze and astound you when at last the ingenuity and originality of the criminal is revealed. And you can bet that it won’t be until the book’s final pages. Maddening, isn’t it?
  7. It’s like joining an exclusive club. You can become part of a huge community of like-minded mystery and crime novel devotees. You know, learn their secret language. Share and compare your theories of the crime with other readers. Not sure if I’d give any of them my real name at first…but, that’s just me.
  8. Always wanted to play the detective? Learn the techniques and tactics of the good old-fashioned gumshoe. From the highs of fingering the bad guy to the lows of an overnight stakeout, reading crime novels lets you walk in the shoes of a detective as he unravels the mystery. Who knows? You may just beat him at his own game.
  9. Secretly wanted to act like a smooth criminal? I know that I’ve always imagined how I’d pull off the perfect heist or dispose of the body and other evidence. Experience the thrills and kills vicariously through the lives of the sinister characters inhabiting the pages of mystery novels. Careful not to catch the bug though – leave thrill-kills to the pros.

And the final reason you should read a great book or crime novel?

10.  Everyone else is doing it (or at least they should be)!

Have any other reasons to add to the list? Please share them with me and I might add them to a future list.

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5 Responses to “Top 10 Reasons to Read Crime Novels and Thrillers”

  1. Walker W. Summers

    Introducing all three Jack Davis thrillers in one ebook, a fine crime fiction collection by one of the best authors of thrillers in the US!.

  2. Linda

    Many years ago, my now ex-husband asked me why I read so many mysteries. As I stared into his eyes, I told him I was trying to find the perfect crime. end of that conversation! 🙂