Words Can Make the Difference In 2014

Avid book readers, and even those who would rather not read, understand the power and importance of words. We communicate most of our thoughts, feelings, and knowledge with both written and spoken words. Obviously, as a best selling author of crime novels and an avid reader myself, words rank very high in my world – they’re my livelihood. Words can inspire, influence, and motivate. They can act as a powerful vehicle for real change.

Little Words, Little Actions – Big Results

Sometimes I think we live in a society that’s increasingly uncivil and selfish. And during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, the stress and crowds often magnify this problem. If we would just take the time to say and do a few little things more often, the world would be a much brighter, nicer, and peaceful place. It sounds simplistic, but it’s true.

Do you remember to say please and thank you to your family members, store clerks, and others you come across on a daily basis?

What about encouraging someone as they struggle with a task or goal?

How long has it been since you’ve scribbled a little note to your child, spouse, or coworker and left it where they’ll find it?

When was the last time you did something nice for another person (friend, acquaintance, or stranger) anonymously?

If everyone took the time to perform these and other small acts of kindness more often, it would create positive change in the lives of those around us. The change might be barely noticeable, if at all, at first. But as the ripples of these tiny gestures of gratitude and generosity fan out into the community, the positive shift will become increasingly evident.

Words Can Make the Difference in 2014

Sometimes the seeds of inspiration are found in the most unlikely places. I stumbled across the mention of “Kid President” the other day while looking through my online reading list. Have you ever heard of Kid President? Brad Montague came up with an idea to help encourage young people to create positive change in the world. He enlisted his kid brother-in-law, Robby, to become the Kid President – a pint-sized leader who inspires young people to make a positive difference in their communities and beyond. Robby has osteogenesis imperfecta (OI), a rare genetic bone condition that causes kids to have brittle, easily breakable bones. At 9 years old, Robby has experienced over 70 broken bones since infancy, but that hasn’t stopped him from spreading hope and encouragement.

Montague says that Robby doesn’t let his condition, or the hardships and pain it causes him, to hold him back. He keeps on going and keeps on dancing. I guess you could say that this remarkable young man dances in the rain, when lots of other people — both young and old — just give up when the rain comes. As adults, I think we could learn a lot from a kid like Robby.

Check out the Kid President in this entertaining, amusing, but most of all, inspiring video where he lists 20 Things We Should Say More Often.

Perhaps if we did more of what the Kid President suggests in 2014, the world would feel a little sweeter, a few degrees warmer, and a whole lot more peaceful. What do you think about these 20 things and the underlying message of the video?


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