Best Crime Novels – Lead Characters with an Edge

The best crime novels have flawed lead characters with an edge – something that sets them apart. Each of my leading characters have backstories and unique qualities that make them great, sometimes despite their flaws and, sometimes, because of their flaws. They all take on challenges the rest of us would run away from.

I wrote them to keep you company and when you’re awash in the mystery and gritty details of their world. As you read the books featuring Lou Mason, Alex Stone, and Jack Davis, they’ll become real for you – you’ll form a bond and will miss them when the story is done.

Meet Alex Stone

Public Defender Alex Stone devotes her life to representing people charged with a crime, but who can’t afford a lawyer. More often that not, her clients are guilty and the cases are lost causes. But these dismal odds only encourage her. Long, lean, and ropy from years of early-morning workouts, she knows only one way to live and one way to try a case: bear down and go all out.

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Meet Lou Mason

The brilliant, sexy, and sometimes reckless lawyer Lou Mason, dives into the dark water to save himself or his clients. He takes on the powerful and speaks for the powerless, whether in the courtroom or on the street where the only rule is to survive and fight another day.

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Meet Jack Davis

Residence: Kansas City, Kansas

Jack Davis has always believed that only liars, drunks, and the guilty shake uncontrollably. But, then, he joins their ranks. After 25 years as an FBI Special Agent, a mysterious movement disorder that makes him shake, sometimes bending him in half, other times strangling his speech robs him of his badge but not his determination to see that justice is done. He refuses to give in to the disorder so that he can speak for the dead. He just hopes he doesn’t shake when he should shoot.

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