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Meet Alex Stone, Public Defender

Watch this short video where I introduce Alex Stone in Stone Cold

Public Defender Alex Stone devotes her life to representing people charged with a crime, but who can’t afford a lawyer. More often that not, her clients are guilty and the cases are lost causes. But these dismal odds only encourage her. Long, lean, and ropy from years of early-morning workouts, she knows only one way to live and one way to try a case: bear down and go all out.

Guilty or Innocent – Justice Serves Them All

Alex strives to give her indigent clients the same measure of justice the rich and well bred receive. That’s what everyone – guilty or innocent, highborn or low – deserves and that’s precisely why she became a public defender. That higher calling matters more than whether her clients are guilty or innocent.

Even though Alex believes in our criminal justice system, she realizes that judges and juries don’t always get it right. Sometimes the guilty go free and the innocent get put away. Like many attorneys, she accepts that as an inescapable flaw in the system because she can’t conceive of a better way to dispense justice.

Her commitment to the criminal justice system is threatened when she wins an acquittal for a client accused of murder that becomes a prime suspect in a subsequent murderous rampage. Driven by devastating guilt and a determination not to let something that horrible happen again, she dispenses her own brand of justice as she struggles not to lose herself in the process.

Hear what Alex has to say in her own words when I interview her on the courthouse steps.

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