Best Thriller Novels and Their Characters

Meet Jack Davis, FBI Special Agent (retired)

Watch this short video where I introduce the Jack Davis Thriller Series

Welcome to the World of Jack Davis

Jack Davis has always believed that only liars, drunks, and the guilty shake uncontrollably. But, then, he joined their ranks. After 25 years as an FBI Special Agent, Jack was forced to retire because of a mysterious movement disorder (the same rare movement disorder I have) that makes him shake, sometimes bending him in half, other times strangling his speech.

There’s no known cause or cure for his condition and the only thing certain about it is its unpredictability. The shakes and spasms don’t ask permission, they just take charge, hopefully when he isn’t holding a gun or having one pointed at him. The first book in the series, Shakedown, will take you through a riveting tale of shock and suspense. Once you’ve caught your breath, you won’t want to miss the other two books in the series, The Dead Man and No Way Out.

Driven by an unshakeable faith in justice

Hunting down criminals is all Jack Davis knows. When it comes to crime, he has one rule – do the crime and he’ll make sure you pay. He took that oath when he joined the FBI and even though he’s had to give up his badge, he can’t set the burden down, lending a hand to his best friend, private investigator, Simon Alexander.  Haunted by personal tragedy, Jack is driven to save others from a similar fate.

Burning the book

For decades, Jack worked strictly by the book. But these days, he’s all but burned that book, glad that he doesn’t have to answer to anyone. His monthly disability check from the government means he can pay the mortgage, drive an old car, buy cheap shoes, and let the phone ring without answering it. He gets by. He solves crimes. That’s his life. And to him, it’s a good one.

Jack and Kate

Jack firmly believes that, no matter what it throws at him, life is good. He’s in love with Kate Scranton, a jury consultant and expert in detecting fleeting facial clues. Unresolved issues, involving his ex-wife and other stumbling blocks, complicate their relationship.

Experience life the Jack Davis way by grabbing your copy of one of the three books in the Jack Davis Thriller Series today! Or dive deep and get all three:

→The Dead Man
→No Way Out